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Cultural and historical sights


The "Bacho Kiro" People's Cultural Club

Tel. 06134/ 2509, 2549

The first village cultural club in Bulgaria, founded in December 1869 by the revolutionary and cultural worker Bacho Kiro, became a centre of the Bulgarian spirit. Serious educational and literary activities, closely connected with the revolutionary struggles, took place here. It was here that the seed of revolution was planted, and 101 rebels against the Ottoman rule - all menbers of the cultural club - followed their teacher to the battle in Dryanovo Monastery during the April Uprising in 1876.

Bacho Kiro set up a theatrical company in 1870, staged revolutionary plays and organized performances in the neighbouring villages. The cultural club started the first library. It was the first publisher of Bacho Kiro's works. The club now bears the name of its founder.

The cultural club's old building of 1912, 
now restored and renewed

The club acquired its own building in 1912. The construction of a club hall started in 1939 The present house of culture in Byala Cherkva was built in 1944. The beautiful club building is situated in the town centre and has a library, a large hall with 370 seats and a small hall with 200 seats. The library has a stock of 33 000 volumes and a subscription to 60 periodicals. Numerous donation funds have been founded during the club's existence. Theatrical, song and dance groups and musical schools have worked with the club.

The club laid the foundations of the Town Historical Museum, which emerged soon after the National Liberation in 1876 as a museum collection of the club. A school of sport dances for children aged from 6 to 14 works here all the year round. The club organizes together with the town's museums celebrations and exhibitions on various occasions.

The "Bacho Kiro" Cultural Club is one of the founder members of the BARET (Bulgarian Association for Rural and Ecological Tourism). The club has computer, photocopying, photographic and video equipment.


The Town Historical Museum  

The exhibition of the Town Historical Museum shows the centuries-long history of Byala Cherkva. Authentic archaeological and ethnographical materials, books, documents and numerous photographs depict the lifestyle, the architecture and the economic and cultural development of the settlement.

The exhibition was opened in 1976. It is exhibited in a two-storey building on an area of 154 sq. m and consists of the following departments: Archaeology, National Revival and Struggles for National Liberation, Bacho Kiro - Life and Work, and Public and Economic Development of Byala Cherkva after the National Liberation. Paintings and sculptures are exhibited in a spacious art gallery.

The House-Museum 
of Tsanko Tserkovski


Tel. 06134/ 2533

The native house of Tsanko Tserkovski is now a memorial museum, founded in 1956 and proclaimed a historical monument in 1970. Personal belongings and original manuscripts, photographs, letters, documents, printed matter and other materials connected with the life and work of Tserkovski are collected, studied and exhibited here. Meetings with poets, writers and other cultural figures are held here. The house-museum collabortes with the National Literary Museum - Sofia and the Regional Historical Museum - Veliko Tarnovo.


The House-Museum of Raiko Daskalov


The beautiful two-storey building in the town centre, built in 1922, was made a museum in 1984. It exibits original personal belongings, photographs and documents, connected with the life of Dr. Raiko Daskalov - an eminent worker of the Bulgarian Agrarian People's Union.


Founded in 1985, this exhibition was donated by Mrs. Svetlina Trifonova and contains a large and varied stock, presented in the following departments: The forest, The Field, Minerals, Insect. The museum is the only one of its kind and has become a centre of ecological and environment-protection education.

The town's museum network is included in cultural and tourist routes.


St James' Church

It was built in 1866. The iconostasis and the pulpit were made by master woodcarvers from Kalofer. The carvers joined the detachment of Priest Hariton and Bacho Kiro and were killed in the battle of Dryanovo Monastery. The church is a cultural and historical monument of high artistic value. The bones of Bacho Kiro are kept here. The church is a functioning Orthodox Christian temple. It is very popular with the visitors of Byala Cherkva.

Holidays and traditions

ST TRIFON'S DAY (HOLIDAY OF THE VINE-GROWERS) - celebrated every year on 14 February.

THE FIRST SUNDAY BEFORE LENT - celebrated each year on the traditional Orthodox Church holiday. A traditional Parade of the Masks with prizes is held.

11 MAY - official holiday of the town. The generations meet here to commemorate the April Uprising of 1876 and the 101 local inhabitants who took part in it.

Note of the translator: The uprising was in April by old style (the Julian calendar) and on 11 May by new style (the Gregorian calendar).

ST JAMES' DAY - the church holiday of St James' Church. It is celebrated on 26 October.

Anniversaries of various events, of which the history of the town and the region abounds, are celebrated in Byala Cherkva every year.


5220 Byala Cherkva, "Bacho Kiro -1869" Cultural Club, tel. 06134/ 2509, 2549