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BACHO KIRO PETROV (1835–1876) - a National Revival teacher, educator, cultural worker, man of letters, poet and revolutionary, the leader of the local revolutionary committee in Byala Cherkva. The organizer and inspirer of the detachment that fought heroically with the Ottoman oppressors in Dryanovo Monastery in 1876. He was hanged on 28 May 1876 in Veliko Tarnovo.


He who loves his people,
strives to work for its good!

Because we bear the name of Slavs,
wretched and oppressed everywhere,
we all live in grief and trouble,
we pine away under foreign yoke


Bacho Kiro Petrov



TSANKO BAKALOV TSERKOVSKI (1869–1926) - a poet and fiction writer, a representative of Bulgarian realistic literature. An eminent public worker and politician, the founder of the Agrarian movement in Bulgaria and one of the ideologists and leaders of the Bulgarian People's Agrarian Union. A minister in the democratic government of Alexander Stamboliiski (1920-1923 г.).


The grave of 
Tsanko Tserkovski
in the area
Slaveevi Gori 



DR. RAIKO IVANOV DASKALOV  (1886–1923) - an eminent worker of the Agrarian Union, an ardent tribune, brave reformer and unsurpassed orator. A minister in the Agrarian government of Alexander Stamboliiski(1920-1923). He was murdered on 26.08.1923 by a hired assassin in Prague.



PROF. ALEXANDER BOURMOV (1911-1965) - a professor of Bulgarian history in Sofia University and a corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of Science. The author of numerous articles, books and historical works. Prof. Bourmov was the first chancellor of Veliko Tarnovo University.



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