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Relief, climate, soils

An overall view

The relief is plain or hilly - this is the beginning of the Fore Balkan. The average altitude is 110 m above sea level.

The climate is Temperate Continental.

The soils are mostly alluvial meadow soils or leached black earth.

Water resources

The Rositsa River

The main water artery passing through the town's territory is the Rositsa River. There are groundwater, springs and drinking fountains. The irrigation canals of the Alexander Stamboliiski Dam and the Rositsa 2 Hydroelectric Power Station are sources of irrigation of the cultivable lands.

Flora and fauna

The surroundings of Byala Cherkva are a harmonious combination of beautiful nature and cultural and historical sights. Coniferous forests, field grasses, flowers, herbs and mushrooms grow there. The first low hills of the Fore Balkan are situated there, grown with mixed forests of oaks, maples, acacias, limes and poplars. The shrubs alternate with a variety of grasses and flowers. The meadows are covered snowdrops, squills, crocuses, hellebores and violets in the early spring.

Byala Cherkva fascinates its inhabitants
and visitors with its wonderful nature

The region is rich in medicinal plants – dog rose, sumac, marjoram, thyme, St. John,s wort, camomile, jointweed, plantain etc. There are various mushrooms - field mushrooms, parasol mushrooms, cepes, Brown Ring Boletuses.

The fauna is represented by mammals (the wild boar, the hare, the fox, the hedgehog), game birds (the wren and the partridge) and fishes (the carp, the sheat-fish, the barbel, the chub).

Except the rich variety of animal and plant species, there are natural sights and protected objects in the region - age-old trees, stork nests, etc.


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