An ethnographic museum was opened in the restored old building of the cultural club on 10.05.2004, in honour of the 128th anniversary of the start of the detachment of Priest Hariton and "Bacho" Kiro. The museum, which is the fifth in the town, shows the life of Byala Cherkva in a rich collection of photographs and objects.

The fully restored garden to the house of the poet Tsanko Tserkovski also started to accept visitors.

The traditional schoolchildren's race took place in honour of the anniversary. The winners in the literary competition "The April Uprising in Our Memory" and the competition for the best drawing "My Town" were announced. Many prizes were handed.

The inauguration of the 
Ethnographic Museum

The Evening of Patriotism, 
where local customs were shown.

The museum viewed from outside

Part of the exhibition 
of the Ethnographic Museum

The restored garden to the house 
of the poet Tsanko Tserkovski

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