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The Rositsa River - a favourite place 
for recreation and fishing

The interesting historical objects in Byala Cherkva; the town's location; the proximity of natural and historical sights; the preserved traditions, lifestyle and hospitality of its inhabitants are favourable conditions for the development of explorative, schoolchildren's, rural and eco tourism. The objects are served by a tourist guide and are easily accessible. One-day trips from all towns in the country to Byala Cherkva are possible.

The Ecotrail Negovan, Dryanovo Monastery and Ecotrail Dryanovo are near the town.

Popular tourist routes:

  • Svishtov - Byala Cherkva – Gabrovo – Shipka
  • Byala Cherkva - Dryanovo Monastery
  • Lovech – Kakrina - Byala Cherkva – Veliko Tarnovo, etc.

A view of the town's summer-house area

Days of the Bulgarian and Japanese Culture were conducted in Byala Cherkva in 1993.

The Constituent Conference of the Bulgarian Association for Rural and Ecological Tourism was held here in 1995. 

Tourist Information:  
     Council on Tourism - Byala Cherkva, 
     тел. 06134/ 2508, 2538, 2470


5220 Byala Cherkva, "Bacho Kiro -1869" Cultural Club, tel. 06134/ 2509, 2549